Ty’s Tech Tips-Int’l 4300 Check Engine light

Some owners of the 2017 International 4300 Chassis may be experiencing a check engine light illumination and the engine going into a limp mode fault.  If anyone has experienced this fault and it is related to the DPF system, International has found a fault with the signal from the DPF level sensor.  When the DPF reservoir gets low, air in the tank is periodically triggering a low DPF level and causing the engine to go into limp mode.  Currently International is working on a DPF program update to correct this issue but it is suggested to temporarily prevent this fault from causing the check engine light to illuminate and an engine limp mode fault, ensure the DPF reservoir remains full which will prevent any air around the sensor.  Once an update is available, I will post it here with instructions to correct the problem.

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