International 4300 Carrier Showtruck from Idaho Wrecker Sales
Title stating International 4300 Carrier Showtruck

It's that time of year again, and we're getting ready for the Western States Tow Show in Reno, Nevada. We invite you to follow along with us as we build a custom show truck.

This time we're putting together an International 4300 Carrier.

This truck is loaded with all kinds of cool features, so feel free to follow along as we walk you through how Idaho Wrecker Sales goes about building a show truck.

Title stating Day 1

For this project we asked the Facebook friends of Idaho Wrecker Sales to help come up with a good theme that we could build the truck around. Here you can see the IWS design team discussing all of the ideas that were submitted. Ideas ranged from trucks that were themed around John Wayne, to the Transformer Optimus Prime, but ultimately the winning theme was “Slow Down, Move Over”, as we felt that it placed an emphasis on safety.

Here, the IWS design team comes up with different ways that we could build our “Slow Down, Move Over” themed truck. Feeling that we should take this opportunity to make a statement about roadside safety, we settled on a design that pays tribute to the hundreds of tow truck operators that place their life on the line every day.

From the initial sketches we made earlier, we created a tow truck character that we like to call. “the Dude”, to the back of the Side Puller. If you look close you will notice small holes that surround the “Slow Down” sign, and also illustrate the flashlight beam. We decided to put LED lights in those holes that will flash with the warning lights.

Title stating Day 2

Here you can see that the SP8000 is being set into place. Once positioned, we check to make sure that there are no clearance issues, and Vince begins to drill the mounting holes. We like to completely build our truck, before taking it apart and sending it to our paint department. By following this process, we can ensure that all of the holes that we have drilled will get thoroughly painted – protecting them from rust once they get down the road.

Here we show the interior trim panels that were removed and sent to be hydro-dipped. We really wanted to be one of the first to really try and improve the overall look of the truck’s interior.

Sticking with our “Slow Down, Move Over” theme we felt that we should really showcase the tow truck operator’s day-to-day equipment, with a big emphasis on SAFETY items. Also we removed the fuel tank and other brackets so that they could be sent out for polishing.

In trying to establish consistency in the theme, we replaced all the stock marker lights with round LED strobes. The amber lights will be used as emergency flashers at the rear of the carrier.

We completely removed the large black tail housing, and re-painted it after drilling the light holes. The taillight housings tend to take a beating when going down the road. Providing these with a good paint job is a great defense to ward off corrosion.

Title stating Day 3

In an effort to generate some public awareness for those who make their living with their truck, we decided to create a custom T-shirt that maintained the same theme.

In designing the graphics, we asked the world famous Doug Batchelor to help us find a paint scheme that would really make our new showtruck stand heads and tails above anything else on the road. Here you can see some of Doug’s initial design concepts, along with some renderings of the final truck.

After deciding to replace all of the standard side-marker lights with smaller LEDs, we had to weld closed the factory holes, prime, sand, and repainted the bed so everything looked as if it was factory installed. Below are several images taken throughout that process.

Title stating Day 4

Here you can see the panel for the Side Puller. This was a very difficult part of the build, as we had to do the lay-out for the LED lights to show through the panel, and cut the holes before allowing Doug to paint “the Dude”. Here you can also see the boxes we welded into the panel that will house a couple of chrome fire extinguishers.

Here the SP8000 gets the custom IWS body-lock mount as well as a custom “No-lightbar lightbar”, mounted at the top of the Side Puller. Notice the graphics cut into the uprights of the pylon. These will eventually be backed with stainless steel, allowing them to really stand out against the paint. We would like you to notice that we designed our own custom body-locks that integrate into The SP8000. We do this to allow you better access to the winch and junction box.

Here are some images that demonstrate how we install our exclusive handrail lighting package. We designed this lighting package to help drivers to keep from blinding oncoming traffic with their work lights. We installed LED lights under the handrails so that they would fully illuminate the deck of the carrier. We also install brass contacts in the stake pockets so you can just lift the handrails off if you need to haul a large item. The deck light package is another innovation from Idaho Wrecker Sales that not only makes loading at night easier, but it may also save a life by helping to not blind oncoming traffic.

Title stating Day 5

Here we have begun to paint on the graphics. Take note of how much masking goes on during this process.

Here you can see Doug Batchelor as he starts to lay-out “the Dude” on the side of the truck. I am always amazed at the talents of this man.

Title stating Day 6

Here you can see Steve installing the Visor on the truck. This is a very lengthy process but the finished results are well worth the effort.

Title stating Day 7

Things are starting to go faster as we begin the final assembly of everything. The SP8000 is now bolted in place for the final time. We added an air free spool option to the winch. We will mount air valves on each side of the truck so you can free spool the winch from either side.

Here you can see the quarter fender extension from In The Ditch Towing Products, as well as the LED lights that we installed along the side of the truck bed. We also replaced the International Emblem on the grill with a custom Idaho Wrecker Sales emblem.

We are putting finishing touches on the truck as the clock continues to tick down. Here Chuck and the team discusses the location of the junction box. The decision was made to mount the box in a location that would be easily accessible without the need to crawl under the truck.

Here we can see the back side of the light bar, as well as “the Dude”. Notice how well the image works with the LED warning lights that we integrated with the design.

Here you can see some of the additional features that we have added, including an angled traffic cone mount, dual position wench controls, and a dual trash can mount.

The In the Ditch Pro Series™ Tool Boxes, and Box Top Trays provide additional storage space tools and other towing equipment.

All in all, a magnificent-looking piece of work.

Title stating Ready For Show

After all of our hard work, we are proud to reveal the finished product!

Due to continued product improvement and changes in supply, design, and production equipment, colors, material specifications, prices, and model availability are subject to change without notice. Some photography may show optional items.