2019 Freightliner M2-106 Chevron SP9000, , ,
2019 Freightliner M2-106 Chevron SP9000 - Stock #4192

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Stock # 4192

Limited Edition Silver

2019 Freightliner M2-106–Extended Cab-SP9000-20.5’ Chevron Series 12 LCG Car Carrier with LoadRite Option

                                                        “OnGuard” Equipped!!!

Idaho Wrecker Sales is extremely proud to offer Meritor WABCO’s “OnGuard” Collision Mitigation System!  This forward-looking radar-based system detects objects in your vehicle’s path and gives the driver immediate warnings at various levels according to the level of danger ahead.  Collectively – this incredible system offers Forward Collision Warning, Active Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control.  Who doesn’t want that!?!


A Powerful Collision Mitigation System that’s Always-On

  • Forward Collision Warning alerts the driver to possible rear-end collisions by providing audible, visual and haptic warnings
  • Collision Mitigation & Active braking helps the driver in responding to potential rear-end collision by braking when necessary
  • Adaptive Cruise Control assists the driver to maintain a safe following distance between their vehicle and vehicles ahead
  • Stationary Object warning provides you with added safety to alert drivers to obstructions in their lane, such as disabled vehicles


OnGuard Helps Increase Your Fleet’s Safety

  • Government conducted research suggest that collision mitigation systems reduce annual rear-end accident rates by up to 44%
  • OnGuard-equipped fleets have reported up to 87% rear-accident reduction as well as major reductions in fatal and injury accidents
  • Decreases the severity of rear-end collisions
  • Encourages drivers to maintain safe following distances and avoid tailgating


                                                      Bendix Air Disc Brake System  

  • With air disc brakes, stopping distance is decreased on average by 40%
  • Maintenance cost reduced to 25% the cost for air drum brakes and dramatically reduced downtime during service
  • Internal automatic brake adjustment allows brakes to always be in optimum adjustment
  • Straight, stable stops due to minimized brake force variation across axles
  • Dual synchronized pistons provide even force distribution, resulting in more even pad wear, reduced heat and noise elimination

Other Notable Chassis Features

  • Cummins ISB 6.7L – 300hp
  • Exhaust Brake – Variable Geometry Turbocharger
  • 2010 EPA/CARB Emission Certified
  • 6-Speed Allison Automatic Transmission
  • 26,000 Lbs. GVWR
  • 10,000lb. Front Axle
  • 10,000lb. Front Suspension
  • 21,000lb Rear Axle
  • 88 Rear Ratio
  • Air Locking Rear Differential
  • 21,000lb. Rear Suspension with Dump Valve
  • Auto Engine Fan Control with Manual Switch on Dash
  • Air Disc Brake System
  • Air Dryer with Heater
  • Dual 50 Gallon Polished Aluminum Fuel Tanks
  • Polished Stainless Steel Steps – Driver side and Passenger side
  • 6 Gallon DEF Tank
  • Snow Shield for Fresh Air Intake
  • Continental HSR2SA Front Tires: 255/70R22.5
  • Continental HDR Rear Tires – 255/70R22.5
  • Dura-Bright Anti-Corrosion Aluminum Wheels
  • (2) Alliance Maintenance Free 1900 CCA Batteries
  • 160-Amp Alternator
  • 7-CFM Air Compressor
  • Electric Grid Air Intake Warmer
  • 750 Watt / 115 Volt Block Heater
  • Chrome Bumper; Grille; Air Intake; Headlight Bezels
  • LED Headlights
  • LED Marker Lights
  • Dual West Coast Bright Finish Heated Mirrors – Power Operated
  • Opal Gray Vinyl Interior
  • Premium Air Ride Driver Seat with Dual Armrests
  • High Back Passenger Seat
  • Full Width Rear Bench Passenger Seat
  • Leather-Wrapped Tilt-Telescoping Steering Wheel
  • Power Windows / Power Door Locks / Cruise Control / Power Mirrors
  • AM/FM/WB/CD/Bluetooth Radio with Front Auxiliary/USB Inputs
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Color Matched Exterior Sun Visor
  • Hot Shift PTO
  • Power Up Switch Panel
  • Stainless Steel Hub & Lug Covers

Incredible Powertrain Warranty Coverage Brings Peace of Mind!

  • Cummins 5yr/300K Mile Engine Extended Warranty – (Protection Plan 1) – Covers Turbo, Injectors, Water Pump and More!
  • Cummins 5yr/300K After-Treatment – Complete Coverage includes Diesel Particulate Filter, SCR Catalyst, and Sensors!
  • Allison 7yr/Unlimited warranty


SP9000™ Generation IV Hydraulic Side Puller – Features Include


  • Boom Rating – 9,000 lbs.
  • Stiff Leg Rating – 9,000 lbs.
  • 9,000 lb. High Speed Planetary Winch
  • 3/8″ x 100′ Steel Core Winch line
  • Winch Tensioner
  • Easy Access Free-Spool Release Handle
  • Hydraulic Stiff Legs with pavement pad and ice grousers (Internal lock valve prevents retraction in the event hose failures)
  • Flipper Foot Spades (including Low-Pull attachment points)
  • Ten Tie-Back Points
  • Center Pivoting Boom Head (Can be used to recover by itself)!
  • “Revolution Outer Boom Head” – from “In-The Ditch Towing Products”. Features a pivoting guide with removable guide cover to easily set-up your wire rope for use.
  • Painted Black – PPG Paint (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
  • “Mobile Control Systems” Wireless Remote Control is used to operate Carrier & Side Puller™ Winches.
  • IWS Exclusive – Custom Swept-wing LED Lightbar with Angled Steel Pylon & Stainless Steel Trim-work. This custom Lightbar uses Towmate’s Power Link technology to power (22) Individual LED Light Modules for an awesome strobe bar with built in directional arrow stick on the rear. This also includes rear LED brake, turn and tail lights. Command & Control of the Lightbar Functions is made via the ALL NEW “PLC-Touch” Controller’s Super Bright 3”x5” OLED Touchscreen.


20.5’ Chevron Series 12 LCG Car Carrier with LoadRite II Option

  • What is the LoadRite Option? Simply stated…this incredible feature is Chevron’s version of the popular improved load angle design at the aft end of the carrier deck.  The LoadRite Option improves an already incredibly low LCG load angle by an additional 3 Degrees.


  • Why is LoadRite better? This creative approach utilizes a recessed main deck while body sides remain unaltered and level from front to back. This brilliant design eliminates the need of fixed side rails (commonly referred to as fins) to reinforce the angled tailboard.  On steel bodies; a bonus standard feature adds chain locks at 12” spacing on both sides – front to back on the interior vertical sills.  Added to the existing horizontal deck mounted chain locks; this provides over 40 tie-down points to secure your load!  This is a Chevron Exclusive Feature!


  • 5ft Steel Rollback Car Carrier Body
  • LoadRite option
  • 12,000lb Deck Rating
  • 102 In. Wide Body
  • Deck Centered 11 Chain Locks
  • 3/16 “One-Piece” Deck Plate Carrier Surface
  • 2 X 2 “CorTen” Steel Tube Cross Members – 8 Inches on Center
  • Four Safety Chains – 2 Front, 2 Rear
  • Front Left and Right Chain Lock/Grab Hooks
  • 11 Deck Chain Locks (5 across tailboard)
  • 24 GPM Direct Mount Pump Replaces Standard 18 GPM Pump
  • High Speed 9,000 Lb. Planetary Low Mount Car Carrier Winch
  • Air controlled free spool for the winch. This option allows free-spool control of the winch from the control station so you don’t have to walk to the winch every time.
  • 3/8″ x 50′ Winchline with Swivel Hook
  • Cable Tensioner
  • Cable Roller Guide
  • Independent 4,000lb Rated Wheel Lift
  • 4,000 L-Arms with Wheel Retainer Pans
  • Releasable L-Arm Wheel Retainers
  • Mechanical Anti-Tilt to prevent rollback tilting while in bed locks
  • Wheel Lift Tie-Down Straps & Ratchets
  • Illuminated Dual Controls now with LED Lighting
  • Includes Side Puller Control Handles to Manually Operate Legs & Winch (allows feathering speeds of winch and legs)
  • LED Body & Tail Lighting
  • Strobing Body & Tail Lights
  • Water Resistant Junction Box for Wire Harness Connection
  • “Mobile Control Systems” Wireless Remote Control for Carrier & Side Puller™ Winches.
  • Removable Steel Open Side Rails
  • Deck Mounted Work Lights – L.E.D.
  • Lower Work Lights – L.E.D.


Equipped with the Most Popular Tool Box Package Available!!

All New Value Added Feature

  • We’ve added ECCO’s 180 Degree Directional LED’s to front Grill, Each side of the truck on the Storage Fenders as well as the Rear Tail Light Housing. These incredible lights double as strobes & area lighting with amber & clear modes built-in!

Driver Side Includes:

  • 70” x 18” x 18” – ‘In the Ditch’ Pro Series Aluminum Tool Box
  • ‘In the Ditch’ Galvanized Quick Hang Tool Box Mounts – 3 each
  • 70” x 16” Aluminum Box Top Tray – with 2 equipment dividers
  • Raised aluminum interior shelf – full box length
  • 2 upper shelf equipment dividers
  • 4 lower shelf equipment dividers
  • 36″ LED Lighting Strip Illuminates Entire Compartment
  • LED Storage Fender Strip Lighting
  • Shielded Wiring Bracket
  • 75” Storage Fender
  • 4 Gallon Trash Can & Mount
  • 5 Gallon Liquid Can & Mount
  • Dura-Grid Black Matting – (Tool Box & Top Tray)


Passenger Side Includes:

  • 70”x18”x18” – ‘In the Ditch’ Pro Series Aluminum Tool Box
  • ‘In the Ditch’ Galvanized Quick Hang Tool Box Mounts – 3 each
  • 70” Aluminum Lumber/Storage Basket – Mounted behind tool box
  • 70” x 16” Aluminum Box Top Tray – No dividers to store longer items
  • Raised aluminum interior shelf – half box length
  • Revolutionary new floor jack storage bracket with drain holes
  • 5Ton Aluminum/Steel Construction Racing Style Jack
  • 36″ LED Lighting Strip Illuminates Entire Compartment
  • LED Storage Fender Strip Lighting
  • Lug wrench bracket – Holds 2 wrenches
  • Hook rack – 4 hooks to hold tape, shackles, etc.
  • Air Service Fitting
  • Shielded Air & Wiring Bracket
  • 75” Storage Fender
  • 4 Gallon Trash Can & Mount
  • 5 Gallon Liquid Can & Mount
  • Dura-Grid Black Matting – (Tool Box & Top Tray)

Due to continued product improvement and changes in supply, design, and production equipment, colors, material specifications, prices, and model availability are subject to change without notice. Some photography may show optional items.