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Holmes Detachable Towing Unit D.T.U. G2 - Stock #3D16

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Stock # 3D16 (SOLD)

Holmes Detachable Towing Unit D.T.U. G2

The Holmes D.T.U. (Detachable Towing Unit) has been re-designed to decrease rear overhang, increase front axle weight, and offer better tow-ability. With repositioned lift cylinders, the D.T.U. G2 also provides superior under-lift height and further improved center of gravity and weight transfer.

The unit comes standard with a 20,000 lb. planetary winch, 175’ of 9/16” IWRC wire rope and front legs that allow the unit to be easily removed in a matter of minutes so your truck can be multi-functional for both towing and pulling trailers. The D.T.U. G2 is designed to secure to your truck using a front lock-down bracket and your Fifth Wheel Plate. The power for the unit is provided by an optional wet line kit, with quick connect couplers, which is installed on your truck.


Lift Capacity (Retracted) – 35,000 lb

Lift Capacity (Extended) – 16,000 lb

Reach Past Tailboard (Fully Extended) – 113”

Reach Past Tailboard (Fully Retracted) – 51”

Power Tilt Arc – 20°

Shipping Weight – 6,200 lbs.



  • 25,000lb DP Planetary Winch (Upgrade/Option)
    • 200′ x 5/8″ IWRC Cable (Winch Options Include:
    • Air Tensioner
    • Air Free Spool
  • 6-Function Wired Remote Control (Upgrade/Option)
  • (2) 48” Pro Series Tool Box (Upgrade/Option)
  • 13,000lb Bus/Tire Lift System (Upgrade/Option)
  • 360° Sheave Head
  • Low Profile Fabricated Cross Bar
  • Front Stands
  • Air & Electrical Lines
  • Safety Chains
  • Full controls on passenger side.
  • Hook End Caps
  • Fork Storage Holders
  • 5 Sets of Frame Forks:
  1. Short Axle Fork Set
  2. 3” Short Fork Set
  3. 3” Medium Fork Set
  4. 5” Medium Fork Set
  5. 5” Tall Fork Set


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