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Holmes D.T.U. Detachable Towing Unit

Stock # 8478

Holmes – Gen 2  D.T.U. (Detachable Towing Unit)

Arriving in July 2020

Designed and Manufactured in the USA by the Miller Industries – The World’s Foremost Authority of Towing and Recovery Equipment

The Holmes D.T.U. (Detachable Towing Unit) has been re-designed to decrease rear overhang, increase front axle weight, and offer better tow-ability. With re positioned lift cylinders, the Generation 2 D.T.U. also provides superior under-lift height and further improved center of gravity and weight transfer.

The unit comes standard with a 20,000 lb. planetary winch, 175’ of 9/16” wire rope and front legs that allow the unit to be easily removed in a matter of minutes so your truck can be multi-functional for both towing and pulling trailers. The Holmes Gen 2 D.T.U. is designed to secure to your truck using a front lock-down bracket and your Fifth Wheel Plate. The power for the unit is provided by an optional wet line kit, with quick connect couplers, which is installed on your truck.


  • Lift Capacity (Retracted) – 35,000 lb
  • Lift Capacity (Extended) – 16,000 lb
  • Reach Past Tailboard (Fully Extended) – 113”
  • Reach Past Tailboard (Fully Retracted) – 51”
  • Power Tilt Arc – 20°
  • Shipping Weight – 6,200 lbs.


  • Wireless Remote Control ** IWS Added Option
  • Low Profile Fabricated Cross Bar
  • Front Stands
  • Fork Storage Holders
  • Air & Electrical Lines
  • Safety Chains
  • Full controls on passenger side.
  • Hook End Caps
  • 5 Sets of Frame Forks:
  • Short Axle Fork Set
  • 3” Short Fork Set
  • 3” Medium Fork Set
  • 5” Medium Fork Set
  • 5” Tall Fork Set
  • 20,000 lb Planetary Winch
  • 9/16” x 175’ IWRC Cable (Winch Options Include:
  • Air Tensioner
  • Air Free Spool
  • 360° Sheave Heads

For Complete Details – Call 1-800-376-7114 or email